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Details to Provide to Towing Company During a Vehicle Breakdown

A vehicle breakdown is annoying, and you want to get help fast. This means you will need roadside assistance. If you have contact information of a towing company stored in your cell phone, it will be easy to make the call. However, do provide the following information so that you can help yourself getting a prompt assistance.

Your Location

It will be extremely helpful if you can provide an exact location of your vehicle for the towing company. Time will not be wasted for the tow truck drivers to locate you. In the event if you cannot provide a clear location, your next option is the find the nearest mile marker, or the last exit you drove by before your vehicle breaks down.

If you are traveling in the city, try to provide the last street you passed by or describe any landmarks to the service provider. If you have GPS function on your mobile phone or vehicle, you can make use of it to get an approximate location.

Condition of the Vehicle

Inform the tow operator the state of your vehicle. The situation can range from running of out gas, having a flat tire, stranded in a ditch, smoking coming from the hood, collusion with another vehicle and so on. When the tow operators have better grasp of the situation, they can get prepared with the right equipment and personnel. This will help them assist you in solving the problem more efficiently.

Your Safety

If the breakdown happened on a busy highway or on a winding steep mountain road, and you feel your safety is compromised you should definitely inform the service provider. The operator can inform the local police and share your location so that you can be rescued. Traffic police can direct traffic so that service provider can tow your vehicle safely.

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